Project Pocket Set – Celebration

Daisy and Grace



Product Description:

I created the project pockets because I wanted somewhere pretty to keep my ‘Quilt As You Go’ templates safe and I made them so that they would fit perfectly into my large caddy. But once I had made them I realised that they could be used to store many things, and having a clear front makes it easy to see what is contained in them, I use them to keep rows of cutting for quilts in and UFO projects and I’m sure I will find multiple uses for them.

The techniques used in this pattern are insertion of a zip, sewing tricky fabric and binding.                      

Features and Benefits:

Instructions with photo’s

Tag instructions and pattern

3 x Zips

3 x lengths of ribbon

Translucent Plastic to make 3 x Project Pockets

Product contents:


Tag instructions and pattern

1 x 7” Red Zip

1 x 7” Green Zip

1 x 7” Blue Zip

40cm Bunting ribbon

40cm Blue Polka dot ribbon

40cm Multicoloured stars ribbon

Translucent Plastic, enough to make 3 x Project Pockets

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