About Us


I have been sewing all my life buying my first sewing machine when I was 7 years old, making clothes was my passion growing up dreaming of becoming a fashion designer which I eventually became after studying at The London College of Fashion.
I worked in the fashion industry for many years but I have always loved sewing in my spare time which eventually lead me to patchwork.

I started using my pattern cutting skills to create things and when people started to ask me where I got the patterns for these I realised that there may be a possibility for a business there hence the start of Daisy and Grace.

I have come to realise just how much scrap is left over after the completion of sewing projects, so have devised patterns to use up some of these left overs.

I have, however, tried to include as many products as possible for you to complete our patterns, if you do not have a stash to fall back on.

I hope you enjoy making our patterns as much as I do.

Happy Sewing