Drunken Daisy Template

Daisy and Grace


Many years ago I designed and made a Drunken footpath quilt with daisies for my niece and I entered it into my local quilt group competition and it came in 1st. I loved that quilt so much that I wanted to make another one but obviously a little differently.

So after numerous attempts to get the template just right I now have this wonderful ‘Drunken Daisy’ template, and the reason it took so long is that it works along side the 2 ½” and 5” ‘QAYG’ Square templates.

You can make the drunken daisy quilt and then border it with 5” or 2 ½” ‘QAYG’ squares, so you get the best of both worlds, or you can just make the Drunken Daisy without using ‘QAYG’.

In the instructions there are some design ideas.

There are also Laser cut petals and ¼ circle available to take the strain out of cutting.  

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