Look what was in the box!!

Hello All!!

I'm really excited that I have another new supplier that enables me to bring to you some products that I have been using for ages and some brand new goodies.

I've been busy this week trying to get them on the website along with trying to get my show organised for Hochanda.

I now have the pleasure of introducing you:

Firstly Thread Magic (link)

I have loved using this it makes hand sewing such a pleasure, as it helps prevent tangles, makes the thread stronger, less fraying and good to use on a sewing machine.


Next I have a variety of threads by Mettler (link) feast your eyes on these delightful packs and a good old standard white thread which we can never get enough of as quilters.



Now the next one I am amazed at how well it performs!! Yes, who could believe that a Bobbin Holder (link) could get me so excited, but it does. IT WORKS!!!!

No more tangled threads, it holds different sizes of bobbin, when you drop it they don't all fall out creating a tangled mess on the floor (this has happened to me far too many times, not any more).


I have used the next product for some time now and I'm delighted to be stocking it, it has made my life so much easier and given me a better finish on my quilting and has also helped me get rid of those stubborn creases that we all get in fabric from time to time.

Please let me introduce you to a long time friend of mine Best Press!!! 

Now we have a new kid on the block!!

I've only had these for a week but boy do they make my machine "quilt as you go" easier as you can leave them in the fabric while pressing. I'm talking about pins, before I would have to remove my clips to press the seams then replace them. Now just press and go (I still can't be without my clips when hand sewing though!!)

There is one drawback, they aren't the cheapest but they are fabulous and if you were thinking about a treat for yourself for putting up with all the football then I have your answer!!

Surely there isn't more!!!

Yes there is, one last thing, I've found a new glue pen, it comes with a refill and I am able to stock the refills.

I had fabrics as well, and I've created some new bundles but I've run out of time, you know what's coming!!

You'll have to wait until next time!!

Happy Sewing (or should that be Happy Sewing Equipment!!...LOL).

Nicola X

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