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Hello Everyone,

My EPP Jewellery is great fun to make and even better being worn as it adds colour and fun to any outfit.

My Jewellery pack has the basics to make some of the jewellery pictured on the front, but it doesn't include instructions as I originally demonstrated this on The Craft Store. I have been asked for the instructions, so at long last here it is.

You can buy the EPP Jewellery pack here.

I have made the hexagons all in black with white stitching so that you can see what I'm doing, but in real life use matching thread so that you can't see your stitches.
Firstly to make the individual hexagons (which are used in the necklace and earrings) you will need one hexagon with the fused hexagon on and one with the freezer paper on.
Below, on the left, are the fusible hexagons and on the right, the freezer paper hexagons. Fuse both hexagons, shiny side onto the wrong side of the fabric and trim round the fabric so you have approximately 1/4" all the way around. On the fusible hexagon I just glued the edges down around the hexagon, on the freezer paper hexagon I tack the edges around as I will be removing the hexagon later.
Take both hexagons and with wrong sides together over sew the around 4 of the outside edges.
Then you can remove the freezer paper, and continue sewing the last 2 edges.
A pair of these hexagons are used for the earrings.
If you would like to make the necklace make all the hexagons you require and lay them out in your design.
To join the hexagons, I take 2 of them, right sides together and using double thread with the end knotted, I draw the thread through a single layer so that the knot is concealed within the hexagon. 
I over sew a few stitches in the corner, but I don't pull the thread tightly.
Once I have stitched 3 or 4 times, I open out the hexagons.
Then I make a button loop stitch all the way along the bar of stitches.
I do this on each corner and also when joining a third hexagon.
To insert the cord into the necklace I cut each length of cord to the desired length, on one end I make a single knot and on the other I do a double knot, this is the end that is going to be inserted into the necklace.
Unpick a couple of stitches on the edge the cord is going into and slip the knotted end in between, then sew the opening up again making sure you catch the cord with a stitch or 2. 
Your necklace is now ready to wear. 
If you would like to make a brooch you will need to make one side with fusible hexagons and the other with freezer paper hexagons. Lay out your hexagons in your chosen design, making sure you have a back and a front (mirrored image).
Then you can join them by over sewing them. 
Once each side is complete, you lay them wrong sides together and start over sewing the outside edge, making sure to remove the tacking and freezer paper as you go.
I do hope you have enjoyed this little tutorial and have fun making your jewellery and wearing it.
Nicola X

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