Ho, Ho, Ho, Christmas is coming!! Discount code included.

Hello Everyone,

There was no blog last week as I was away on my Holibobs, YEAH!

But now I am back and I can concentrate on things to come, like my Hochanda show on the 29th September and CHRISTMAS!

I know I'm a little bit loopy, but you should all know that by now, I love Christmas, so while preparing for the upcoming TV show I just had to put a little bit of Christmas in and at the very end of this blog is a sneak preview and a discount code to buy my Christmas stocking kit.

The above was snaps from when I was making the mini bunting (a free pattern included in the stocking kit)

You know how I love hexagons, well can you tell what it's going to be!!

This is another free pattern in the Christmas Stocking Kit.

How cute are these, who could resist these!! When I have finished making something I get very excited and I need to show someone, so below is the picture I snapped and sent to my mum to see if she liked them (this is a huge advance for my mum as she has a new phone, still with big buttons, but she can at least get photo's now!!).

My Mum she said YES!!

I then got a bit carried away and thought that the stockings would make great bunting as well, so off I went.

I attached the finished Stockings to pom pom ribbon. Very cute.

Just to keep you in the Christmas Jingly mood here are some more Christmas projects from this year.

 I did say I would give you a sneaky peak at what is coming up here at Daisy and Grace and Hochanda, well here it is below, it will be appearing on TV in just over a weeks time and boy is the whole thing amazing. I hope I've got you on tender hooks? My lovely "angel" Steph made this for me, she is very clever.

Last but not least, here it is...……

Christmas Stocking Kit Link

I hope that I have got you in a Jingly Jangly mood, until next time.

Happy Sewing

Nicola X


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