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daisy and grace Jenny Doan Lullingstone castle Missouri star quilt co.

Hi everyone, sorry its been such a long time, so much been going on!!

I’ll start with Lullingstone Castle quilt show first (as this was first). It was the old Hever Castle quilt show for region 2 but they kicked us out!! But the lovely Lullingstone Castle came up trumps and hosted us, there were a few teething problems but Jan, Keith and all the wonderful helpers worked their socks off to make it a success.

It was a lovely weekend even though the weather wasn’t quite on our side, I did an hours stint of teaching EPP and that was great, I taught a few children, one man and a host of others, and hopefully I have inspired them to have a go. I saw so many of you there it was great that you all supported the new venue and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did, there was great Vicky sponge that kept me fuelled, and I even got to hold an eagle!! I was a happy bunny.

Isn’t she beautiful, but she was really heavy (I’m talking about the bird not me!!), I think you can tell that I am enjoying it? (Thanks Margaret, for the photo’s) I didn’t get to see the gardens properly so Dave and I are going back there on our holibobs so I can have a good look round.

Then it was all go for Festival!! I would have written about it sooner, but I have been recovering, I was so exhausted…LOL. I’m such a lightweight.

I’m intending to do a separate blog on the quilts I liked and photographed because I want to get them all sorted out with the proper accreditation before posting them. As usual I didn’t get to see them all so you will have to forgive me if there were some you saw and liked, and I haven’t taken pictures of. Thank you again all of you who came to say hello it’s so lovely catching up with you.

Just at the last knockings of the show, just before we packed up I saw the wonderful Jenny Doan from The Missouri Star Quilt Co., so I just had to go and say thank you to her as I have had so much traffic on my YouTube channel coming from her tutorial on “Quilt as you Go”.

What a lovely patient lady she is (as I was being a bit of a fan girl) and I said thanks and explained why, she then wanted to see my templates (I was so excited I nearly wet myself) luckily I had Dave on hand who was brilliant and did his demo to Jenny, she loved them and called her friend over they both got my star in a hexagon template sets, she also called her husband over and then we had a little bit of a chat about them. I’m still very excited!!

I will do the photographs from the Festival next, so watch this space.

Until then Happy Sewing!!


Nicola X

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