Day 1 at the FOQ 2018

Hello All,

What a fantastic day I've had, I will start with a few photo's that I forgot to post to you yesterday.

Here are the boys putting up our shelves.

Keep going boys!!

Me and Steph getting the shelves in.

We had to stop for tea (but where is the cake!!)

This morning on the shuttle bus from the car park, yes we were that lazy but we knew we had a long day on our feet.

I had a bit of a fiasco this morning after all the excitement of taking selfies on the bus (selfie!! I had never taken one before!!), I left my bag with my laptop and a lot of other important things on the bus!!

Well you have never seen me run so fast when I had realised where I had left it and after lots of help from bus drivers and security men the bus came round the corner with my bag in the pride of place in the front window!! How lucky was I??

Well after that the day only got better with a lot of lovely ladies that came to see me, quite a few of you remembered to say " Cake".

Here are a couple of lovely ladies, Ann wanted a picture with me and kindly let me post the picture to you.

Here is Winnie with her lovely QAYG bag she's made, isn't it beautiful.

Well I have gone from no selfies to loads, what am I like. I have meet some really fabulous people today along with some interesting development opportunities, watch this space!!

I look forward to seeing more of you tomorrow, but I might have a break from blogging tomorrow, please forgive me.

See you soon!!

Nicola X


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