Countdown to Christmas - Stitches Tutorial

Hi All,

This is the second tutorial to help you with the Houses of Light.

We thought it would be nice to show you some of the various embroidery stitches you can use to decorate each side.

Usually when using embroidery silks you use 2 of the strands. For this project it is better to use 3 strands, so that your decorations show better.

Use an embroidery needle if you have one. They usually have a sharp point and a larger eye, which will make threading 3 strands easier.

Cut a large enough piece of your stitch and tear. It should cover the back of your embroidery area.

Draw the design, onto the front of the fabric with pencil.

Back Stitch:

This is the easiest stitch for embroidery work. Place your needle just slightly in from the beginning of your drawn line.

Then back through the beginning of your line. You will notice that you are stitching backwards, hence the name of the stitch.

Then your next stitch will come up slightly away from your first stitch.

And back down through the start of the last stitch. Be careful not to leave any gaps.

Continue this the whole way along the line. Then weave your thread through the back of your stitches and cut off.

Woven Back Stitch:

Once the back stitch line is complete, you can add a little detail if you wish.

Bring your needle back up though to the end of your line, then using the needle weave back through the first stitch.

Pull the thread through, but not too tightly. Then weave back the other way through the next stitch.

You will create this lovely woven effect.

Colonial Knot:

This is a different take on the French Knot, which is also a lovely knot to use when embroidering.

Bring your needle and thread up at the point you wish your knot to be.

Then place your needle around the thread as shown below in the photograph.

The thread is then brought up and around the tip of the needle. in a figure of 8 move.

Pull the thread tight onto the needle, which is then put back into the fabric just next to the original hole.

And there you have a simple Colonial Knot.

When pulling the thread back through, make sure you are holding tension on the thread.

Couching Stitch:

This is a lovely stitch to use for curved edges, such as petals or hearts.

Bring your thread up and then stitch back down next to the original hole to create a loop. Do not pull the thread through completely.

Bring your needle back up just inside the drawn line where you want your thread to curve.

Then enter your needle back down over the top of the thread, in order to hold it in place.

This will give you a lovely even curve to your heart shape.

I do hope these simple instructions to a few embroidery stitches have helped you, and that you enjoy them as much as we do.

Happy stitching.




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