Countdown to Christmas Foundation Paper Piecing Tutorial

Welcome to this weeks Countdown to Christmas tutorial the 'Snowman Wall Hanging'.

The background of this pattern is made using Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP).

With the pattern you get the instructions to make this beautiful wall hanging, I am just going to run through the basics of FPP.

Cut out the paper pattern for the background, making sure you leave the 1/4" edge for the seam allowance.

Place the paper pattern on top of the sky fabric, wrong sides together. Make sure the fabric covers the entire top section of the pattern.

Fold along the first Stitch Line.

Trim the sky fabric, leaving a 1/4" seam allowance.

Pin the paper to the fabric.

Turn over and place a piece of the snow fabric along the edge of the sky fabric. This piece of snow must cover the next section of the paper pattern once unfolded.

Pin this, so that it does not move.

Turn over again, and sew along the first stitch line. Use a very small stitch, for example 1.5mm, so that it is easier to tear away the paper pattern at the end.

Press the snow fabric open, and fold along the next stitch line. Cut the 1/4" fabric allowance.

Your background should look like this.

Continue to add the next two pieces of snow fabric in the same way.

Once all four pieces are sewn onto the paper pattern. Trim the edges of the fabric down to the paper pattern.

 Now to tear the paper pattern away from the back of the piece.

Once all the paper pieces have been removed, give your background a good press with a hot iron.

Now your background is ready for the snowmen to be added.

We look forward to seeing your works of art on our social media platforms.

Enjoy, and happy sewing.


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