Countdown to Christmas - Bondaweb Tutorial

Welcome to this quick tutorial to help you with your applique numbers.

The pattern to make this beautiful Advent Calendar is included with your 5", 4" and 3" QAYG House template. Most have the numbers backwards, this is so to make it easier for you to draw your numbers onto the paper side of the Bondaweb.

If you have an older pattern your numbers will be this way around. It just means that you should trace the number onto the rough side of the Bondaweb instead. This is done so that the number appears the correct way around once ironed on.

For this advent calendar all you need is your QAYG House template and a range of Christmas fabrics. There are advent kits available on the website.


You will see that the two sides of the paper are totally different. The shiny side is the top and the glue (rough) side is the bottom.

Trace your numbers onto the shiny side of the paper.

Then press the rough side down, onto the wrong side of your fabric.

Cut out each number. I find that a small, sharp pair of scissors makes this job a lot easier.

Once the number is cut out, use a sharp pin to scratch a line through the middle of the paper. This makes it easier to remove the paper from the back of your number. 

Now position your number into the centre of the pocket. You can gently fold the pocket into half if that helps you to position.

I have sewn around my number with a basic straight stitch. You could use a blanket stitch instead, or leave the number as it is. It is up to you.

You are ready to sew the pocket onto the Inner House.

Following the instructions on the pattern, make your Advent House.

I really hope you have enjoyed this quick tutorial from Daisy and Grace to help you make a stunning Advent Calendar yourself.

Happy sewing,

Steph X

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