Colin's Rectangle Bag Instructions

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The lovely Nicola will be on your screens Sunday 5th November on Create and Craft, 9am and 12pm. There will be a brand new template launched, as well as some previously released ones. The very popular Rectangle QAYG Templates are on November's show, and to show you an amazing way to use these templates, Colin Coleman has shared with us his Rectangle Swirl Bag.

Thank you Colin, we hope you enjoy.


Colin's QAYG Rainbow Swirl Bag


      32 of the centre rectangles (4 in each of your rainbow colours)

      32 of the backing fabric rectangles

      32 of the wadding/batting rectangles

      1 pair bag handles in fabric

      1 pair bag handles in interfacing

 I used a “Bonnie Bundle” fat quarter set of Makower Línea from Daisy and Grace which has 8 rainbow colours and will yield enough front pieces to make at least 3 bags of either size.

 FABRIC QUANTITIES FOR BAG using 5inch x 2.5inch Rectangle Templates

 8 x 2.5 inch strips, 1 from each fat quarter (folded long sides together then you should get 4 centre rectangles from each strip). Then sub cut into 5inch x 2.5inch rectangles.

You could also use jelly roll strips for this (each strip should be enough for 8 centre rectangles).

 30cm WoF strip of batting should yield 32 centre rectangles.

60cm WoF strip of backing fabric should yield 32 backing rectangles and a pair of bag handles.

10cm WoF strip of iron-on interfacing for bag handles.

 FABRIC QUANTITIES FOR BAG using 6inch x 3inch Rectangle Templates

 16inch x 3inch strip from each fat quarter (2 of each colour) then sub cut into 6 inch x 3 inch rectangles.

 50cm WoF strip of batting should yield 32 centre rectangles.

1 metre of backing fabric should yield 32 backing rectangles and a pair of bag handles.

10cm WoF strip of iron on interfacing for bag handles.



 Make 32 quilt as you go rectangles (4 of each colour)


 Sew pairs of them together to form squares

 Sew the squares together to form 4 strips


 Lay out the 4 strips into a windmill formation as in the photo and sew together the centre of the windmill should form a square at the centre.


 Then as per my previous bag pattern on the Daisy and Grace blog (you can see photos here of the construction process).

Colin's Square QAYG Bag. – Daisy and Grace

Join the strips to each other one at a time working from the top to bottom corner, the strips will join on one square down on the longer edge

 Once all the strips are sewn the bag is ready for handles



 Make the bag handles as per Nicola’s instructions within one of her bag patterns and pin the handles into place at the top of each point of the bag (there is no front or back to the bag it is exactly the same all around).

Sew the bag handles on and the bag is finished! 


 The finished bag has a swirl of each colour from bottom to top when finished, why don't you have fun with colour placement and see what you come up with .


You can catch up with Colin on Instagram @triple.c.quilt, and Nicola on @daisy_and_grace 

Thank you all for reading, we can't wait to see photos of your bags on Daisy and Grace Quilters group on Facebook. Daisy and Grace Quilters | Facebook

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