Colin's Square QAYG Bag.

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It's been a long time since we have posted a blog. Sorry about that, it has been so busy here at Daisy and Grace HQ!

Next Sunday, 29th January, the lovely Nicola will be on your screens on Create and Craft. 9am and 12pm. As well as a new template and some new goodies, she will be featuring her QAYG Square Templates.

You are going to love the beautiful new quilts she has made, one of them mainly by hand, using a brand new template!

One of Nicola's fellow quilters, Colin Coleman has made a bag using just the Daisy and Grace QAYG Square Template. Hopefully you catch a glimpse of one of these bags on Create and Craft on Sunday.

Nicola loved the bags so much that she asked Colin if he would write out the instructions so that you can all have a go at making one.

Thank you Colin. 


Colin's QAYG Windmill Bag.


         30 cm strip WoF centre fabric for the 16 inner squares.

         30 cm strip WoF batting for the 16 inner squares.

         60 cm strip WoF backing fabric for the 16 backing squares (with 2 extra for another project) and a pair of bag handles.

        10 cm strip WoF of interfacing for the bag handles.

You will need to cut:

        16 x 5 inch centre squares.

        16 x 5 inch backing squares.

        16 x 5 inch batting squares.

        1 pair bag handles in fabric.

        1 pair bag handles in interfacing.



Firstly make 16 QAYG 5 inch squares in your chosen fabric.

Choose 4 for the base and sew them together to form a square.

Then sew together 4 strips of 3 squares each.

Sew the 4 strips onto the square to form a windmill shape.

Join the strips to each other, one at a time working from the top to bottom corner. The strips will join on one square down on the longer edge, see the photo below:

Once all 4 strips are joined the bag is ready for the handles.

Make a pair of handles, using the interfacing to stiffen the fabric.


Pin the handles into place at the top of each point of the bag (there is no front or back to the bag it is exactly the same all around)

Sew the bag handles in place and the bag is finished.



Joining the strips together by machine is possible but does require patience and manipulating of the bag to keep it flat. Join by zig-zag stitch or your preferred stitch.

I used a satin stitch in a contrast colour, I also use a bridging or foundation stitch to join the QAYG units.

The squares form a spiral so you could have fun with colour placement to emphasise this shape. Or use an ombré fabric and have dark to light from the bottom up. You could also use up your spare charm squares you have lurking about for a scrappy look.

Other size squares could be used too for a smaller version, like the 3" Square for the bag below:

Or add a contrast colour stitching, as below:

Or a thread that blends:


You can catch up with Colin on Instagram @triple.c.quilt, and Nicola on @daisy_and_grace 

Thank you all for reading, I can't wait to see photos of your bags on Daisy and Grace Quilters group on Facebook. Daisy and Grace Quilters | Facebook

Happy sewing,


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