Where's Dave??

Oh my what a fabulous time I had at the festival of quilts, I met lots of familiar faces and loads of new ones.

I was gob smacked at how many of you out there are reading my blog, long may it continue!!

I was hoping to have a week off, but there is no rest for the wicked its been just as manic. One of the reasons is that I'm back on Hochanda on Wednesday at 3pm, hopefully some of you will be able to come and join me.


As you can imagine I didn't get much of a chance to look around but Dave did drag me off one morning to look at some of the quilts and I want to share 10 of the quilts which resonated with me and inspired me, hopefully they will inspire you too (they are in no particular order).

Above is Delia Cecil's " The Rookery"

Isn't this just the most amazing use of colour, so striking.

Above is Inmaculada Gabaldon's " The Eye of the Eagle"

Just another insane use of colour and amazing technique.

The first 2 quilts are of birds so I thought I would "put the cat amongst the pigeons" so to speak.

 Elita Sharpe's "I see you" was so much fun, typical cat trying to get in on the action, and you know how I like greys as neutrals.

Letty Kop's " Frida Kahlo", and we are back with the colour, great use of pixilation and who could resist those eyebrows!!



Jackie Ketley's "Family Memories" was part of the "New Horizons Textile Group" my picture really doesn't do it justice, it is stunning in real life. If you ever get a chance to go and see this wonderful groups work take the opportunity, not only are the quilts amazing the people are to, and I had a wonderful chat with a couple of them.

" Red Coral Reef" is right up my alley so many wonderful neutrals with those fantastic pops of colour, thank you Ursula.

Wow!! Sarah Humphreys I love your "Snowing at Eggesford" and I wasn't the only one congratulations on your 3rd Prize.

Sarah Hibbert and Christine Perrigo's "Macaroons No57", such amazing use of colour and some fantastic quilting, what a great collaboration 

Love, love, love this quilt thank you Tatyana for creating such a wonderful quilt.

Last but not least "Where's Dave" that's what I wanted to know most of the time at the exhibition,he was off chatting to everyone, giving people pee breaks and generally being anywhere else other than with me!! LOL. The best bit was that he was so enamoured with the dogs on the Toft stall opposite us he has decided that he wants to learn to crochet, after I told him that I didn't have time to crochet one.

I do hope that if you didn't get to go this year you might consider going next year as its like being in an adult sweetie shop, with so many goodies to look at and quite a few goodies you can buy to take home and stroke and admire.

Thank you to all those who took part in the Festival and to the quilters guild.

Happy Sewing


Nicola X



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