Week in the life of Daisy and Grace!

Last week I said that I had to get my jingle on, and start on Christmas, well it hasn't worked, I've just not been feeling Christmassy.

So instead of beating myself up about it I've been productive and been getting myself ready for "The festival of quilts", my next big show.

I started by getting out a brand new cutting board, all exciting stuff for me.

I've had orders this week for my fabric bundle's for my "Quilt As You Go" small bag (Link), so I made up some kits for that.


I then wanted to carry on with a splash of colour, so I made up some more 5" Daisy Patches(link) they had previously sold out and one of my great friends had asked to buy one. So these are also back in stock on my website.

I'm so proud of getting myself organised.


All these lovely colours do inspire me, I hope that they inspire you to!

I also wanted to get some 3/4" hexagon packs made, so I found some 1930's playtime from Moda and made up some packs of 100 patches and hexagons.






While I was making these I had a delivery!!

What was in the box I hear you shout!!

Fabric, Yeah!!

I love getting fabric, it's so exciting and this time I got some replacements from Makower as it is so popular.


Well that is my week so far, I hope that you are looking forward to the next instalment.

Happy Sewing

Nicola X

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