Steph's Half Square Triangle & Quarter Square Triangle Block!

Hi Everyone, 

Steph here! I had so much fun playing with some of the many designs that can be made using Nicola's new Square templates. I am so lucky to get a sneak peak at the templates before they are released. 

Some of you may have seen a sample piece I made for the last Hochanda show.

The best thing about this piece is that the back looks exactly the same.

On her show Nicola mentioned that I would create a blog post to show you all how I made this sample, so here it is.

It is easier than it may look, I promise! If I can make it, so can you.

Start off by choosing 3 different fabrics from your stash. 2 will be the main fabrics that make the design in the middle of the block and 1 will create a background colour, I chose black and white for my main colours. 

Make up your Half Square Triangles as per the instructions in your templates, you will need to make 4 of these. Watch your colour placement.

The photo below shows you how to make more than one Half Square Triangle, using strips.

You will be left with two triangular pieces of each colour.

If you are anything like me, you will want to use up every little piece of your fabric. So, now sew these two triangles together. Press open the seam.

Continue following the instructions with your template (I have found the template has been cleverly designed with etched lines to help you make sure you are all lined up).

So that was a Half Square Triangle! Next is the Quarter Square Triangle, which is just as simple. 

The difference here is once you have sewn together your main colour strip and the background strip, I want you to cut a 3 1/2" piece.

This will now be sewn onto a 3 1/2" strip of the other main colour.

Again use the Outer Square template to cut out this shape.

You can now use the scrap pieces to sew together to create the Inner piece.

You need to remember to turn over the Outer piece  with wrong side up, before you start sewing the Inner fabrics together. This is so that you can make sure the colours are sewn in the correct way, see picture below.

Make up as per the instructions for the square.

There is only one more block to go.


The final block is an Hour Glass Quarter Square Triangle. This is the block were you have to keep your wits about you. Just take your time, and double check colour placement before you sew together.

Sew together a 3 1/2" strip of each of your main colours.

Once sewn cut 2 x 3 1/2" strips from this.

Now sew the two strips together to make a 4 patch.

Using the Outer template, cut your background shape.

I'm sure you are one step ahead of me, but you can use these corner pieces to sew together to create the Inner piece.

Turn the Outer piece over, wrong side up, so that you can check your colour placement before you sew.

Again, make sure you use the lines on the Inner template to make sure the template is square.

Once cut, use the Outer template to place the Inner piece and wadding as before.

I clipped each of my corners into place for this one to make sure they each matched and did not move while I folded over each edge.

 That is all there is to it!


I would recommend you lay out each of the blocks as you cut them, so that you can make sure the colours lay correctly.

Enjoy. There are so many patterns you can make using these Half Square Triangles and Quarter Square Triangle blocks.

Bye for now.



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