Saving selvedge's is such stitching fun!!

Hello, I have had a little time this week to play!! Yeah.

So with this in mind I choose a bag of scraps that I have been saving (I can't throw anything away!!). It was full of beautiful selvedge's, but a complete mess.


I thought I would make some fabric from them, so I set about organising them.

I chose some that I liked and set about getting them ironed.

Once ironed I organised them in an order that I wanted to sew them in.

I got myself a piece of heavy weight interlining to stitch them onto as I had an idea of what I wanted to make (you will have to wait until next week to see what it turns into). Then out with the machine to start the fun.

As the selvedge won't fray you sew that edge first and then you continue to stitch the following ones on top (photo's to follow).

Then you lay the next one on top and stitch again as per the above picture.

My third piece of selvedge wasn't long enough so I chose another one to stitch with it. I laid it right sides together and stitched a scant 1/4" seam.

Then you just fold it back to the right side.

Carry on stitching it down. As you can see the selvedge underneath is too big and would make the work bulky, so I trimmed this back.

Now some selvedge's you want to save as much of them as possible, but if you were to straight stitch the next selvedge on top then there is a possibility of it fraying. Don't fret!! simples Zig-Zag.

It's a really enjoyable process, as it's just straight stitching, perfect for listening to a bit of music and chilling.

Hey presto, you suddenly find yourself finished!!

So I hear you say, what are you going to do with this!!

Well I am going to keep you waiting until next week (He, He, He!!)

I hope I have inspired you to tackle one of those projects you have been meaning to do for ages, it can be really fun. Or do you have a bag of selvedge's that you just haven't got around to? Go on I challenge you to have a go.

Until next week and the reveal of what I made with my selvedge fabric, take care and Happy Sewing.


Nicola X 




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