New Year and "Show &Tell"

It’s the start to a brand new year and decade, and I’m really excited to be sharing my sewing journey with you.

As some of you may know by now the end of 2019 was very exciting for me.

I hope that my collaboration with the Missouri Star Quilt Co goes from strength to strength, so hopefully lots more exciting things to tell you.

I wanted to start this year giving you a bit of inspiration, but that comes from you!

I get loads of lovely emails and meet wonderful people at shows and quilt groups I’m invited to, who show me what they have been inspired to make, so I am putting some photo’s together of some truly amazing and beautiful things you have made.

This is a lovely quilt made by Heather from a group in Chart Sutton that I had an afternoon teaching with, isn't it lovely. X

I'm afraid that I don't have the name of the lady who made this and I think it was at Lullingstone Castle.

Julie and Jenny showed me their lovely sewing books that they bought with them to the Festival of Quilts.

These 2 lovely ladies I meet again at The Knitting & Stitching Show in October and I'm really sorry I have forgotten your names but I will never forget your faces and that lovely sewing book and hexie bag.

This is another lovely hexagon quilt made by Jane, I just love seeing how different the same thing can look, it's beautiful Jane.

This is Janice and her lovely Star in a Hexagons the start of her quilt, don't forget to send me the final quilt photo's once made Janice as if this is anything to go by it's going to look amazing.

These are just a couple of Jill's makes from me, she is amazing, she told me that she stitches every day, what commitment. I don't think I can create quickly enough for Jill I think she has everything I have ever created. Thank you X

This is the first of the "Shirley's" I think this Shirley has become addicted to my bags (Sorry Shirley), but aren't they all so wonderful and different.

There must be something in the name as this is yet another Shirley that has been addicted, this time to my sewing caddies, what girls don't love an owl and a unicorn, delicious caddies Shirley.

Not to forget the EPP, here is Steph's hexagons ready to be made into a caddy, I do love a bit of EPP, it will always be my first love even though I have been drawn into the "Quilt as you go".

Last but not least the lovely Suzanne from Australia, what a lovely bit of sunshine to end on, and to all my Australian fans, their friends and family, I'm sure I'm not the only one who sends all my love and prayers out to all who are and have suffered in the terrible fires.

THANK YOU for everyone who has allowed me to share and please do send me your photo’s to (included a little statement saying I can use the photo please) as I am hoping to do a few “Show & Tells” throughout the year, so your project might be seen here next.

I hope these have inspired you to pick up your sewing needle or turn on your sewing machine.

Happy sewing

Nicola X

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