Let's go mad for Crazy Patchwork!!

Hello, I'm back!!

Yes I have managed to free up some time to write a Blog. I'm hoping to show you what I'm up to, what inspires me, and a bit of everything that goes into Daisy and Grace. I'm constantly creating things, not all make it to be Daisy and Grace products but all inspire me in different ways.

I'm currently working on Christmas ideas, yes you heard right Christmas in June!! but as you can imagine I got a bit side tracked because I'm not really feeling Christmassy.

I'm trying to become more organised here at D&G headquarters (which is actually my home!), I have quilting fabrics everywhere, which don't get me wrong is a complete pleasure.

But if you are anything like me I'm drawn to a pretty piece of fabric regardless if it's quilting, dressmaking or upholstery fabric, and I'm running out of space!

So I decided I would have a clear out of fabric (obviously not the quilting fabric) so two Ikea bags later I'm left with a pile of fabric which I just love too much to give away to charity. So brilliant idea I thought I would start to make patchwork fabric with it. I've done this before for a quilt for a bench and a cover for my sun lounger.


This time I wanted to go a bit crazy with the patchwork, so I first grouped together a selection of fabrics that went together.


Then starting with the smallest piece I started cuting and sewing them together, pressing and cutting and sewing together again.


I had great fun, you just need to make sure that you cut nice straight lines so that you don't get curved pieces. I got carried away at this point and just went for it making different coloured fabric, I made them big enough to fit my "Big Bag", and you can see where this ended up!!




So I have put a few kits together, all one of a kind, each has a lining and fabric for the handles and comes with or without the "Big Bag" pattern. If you would like to see them, here's a Big Bag Fabric Link

As you get to know me, you'll find out that I always run with a theme and I don't stop until I've exhausted it, so can you guess what I did next?

My dining chairs have been in desperate need of recovering!!




So now I'm ready to get my "JINGLE ON", with a Ho-Ho-Ho and all that, wish me luck as I enter Santa's Grotto of creativity once again.

Happy Sewing!!

Love Nicola X

AKA "Bonkers designer of Daisy and Grace".

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