Back To Square One...

Hello Everyone,

When my prototype 'QAYG' Squares arrived I wanted to use all my scraps for a quilt but knowing it was going to take 500 odd squares I enlisted the help of my mum Carol and friend Steph to help me with making up the individual squares (we made them all by hand).

I wanted to get the quilt finished for my Hochanda TV launch of the Squares and it went right up to the wire, so we were all manically sewing like dervishes. 

I thought you might like to see some photo's of when I put the 2 1/2" 'QAYG' Square quilt together, it is a bit like spot the difference!

I started by putting all the coloured squares in one corner and all the neutral squares in the other (diagonally).

Then I started playing. I took photo's to see what the quilt was like, and then kept playing with the colours and positions until I was happy (believe it or not, I haven't included all the photo's I took as I thought you might get bored).I find by taking photo's it is easier to see tones of colour and where they don't work well together, the other bonus is once you are happy you have an exact lay out of your quilt.

I swapped some of the dark colours with the lights.

Can you tell the difference? I still kept playing with it.

I said it is a bit like spot the difference.

It was a bit of a struggle putting it all together and I always think its going to be finished in a flash, when in reality it took a bit longer than I thought.

Here it is in all it's splendor.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my process in putting this quilt together?

Keep safe, well & Happy Sewing.


Nicola X

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