Large Hexagon Sewing Book Kit - Moda Gradients

Large Hexagon Sewing Book Kit - Moda Gradients

Daisy and Grace




Daisy & Grace ‘QAYG’ 3 1/2” Hexagon Sewing Book Kit- Moda Gradients

Product Description:

I love creating more than just quilts with my ‘QAYG’ templates so I thought it would be great to make a larger version of my 2 ½” Hexagon sewing book with more features.

This sewing book has a zipped pocket on the back, pen/pencil holders and a place for your needles and pins, scissors and quilting clips.

In the kit you will get all the materials that you need to make the sewing book but PLEASE NOTE YOU WILL REQUIRE THE DAISY & GRACE 3 ½” HEXAGON AND HALF HEXAGON ‘QAYG’TEMPLATES.

The fabric is 100% Cotton from Moda, you will get ribbons, interlining, wadding, plastic, elastic and zip.

Features and Benefits:

Instructions with photo’s


Fabric, Plastic, Zip, Ribbon, Elastic, Wadding, Interlining, and Felt enough to make one sewing book.


Product contents:



1 x Piece of Moda Gradient Fabric

1 x Piece of Makower Linea Fabric

1 x Piece of Plastic

1 x 7” Zip

Tapemeasure ribbon

Polka Dot Ribbon

3” of wide coloured Elastic from Prym

1 x Piece of wadding

1 x Piece of interlining

3” Square of Felt

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