Laser Cut 'Snowflakes'

Laser Cut 'Snowflakes'

Daisy and Grace

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Daisy and Grace is excited to share with you the New Laser Cut Appliques, these will revolutionise your applique, these are pre fused laser cut fabric shapes in 100% cotton by Makower.

Laser Cut Appliques take the pain out of cutting intricate or small shapes as the cutting has been done for you.

To fuse the applique onto fabric you need to remove the backing paper, the easiest way to do this is to score the back of the paper and pull the paper away from the score, this helps prevent too much fraying on the edges of the fabric.

Place your appliques onto the fabric you want it to fuse onto, make sure you have the glued side of the applique to the right side of your fabric (I tend to do this at an ironing board so that I don’t have to transport it and possibly move the appliques). 

Once you are happy with the position iron in place (using a medium to high heat setting).

Applique your design:

There are a number of ways of doing this, by machine you can use straight stitch (although be aware that the fabric will start to fray more when washed with this technique) or with a zig-zag, blanket stitch or an embroidery stitch. If you enjoy hand sewing then you can also applique by hand.

Don’t forget you can always use fancy threads to make your design pop.


3 x 3 ½” Hexagon Snowflake outers in White, Grey and Ombre Snowflake Fabric (colours on the Ombre will vary)

3x Snowflake inners in White, Grey and Ombre Snowflake Fabric (colours on the Ombre will vary)

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