Big Project Pocket Set - In the pink

Big Project Pocket Set - In the pink

Daisy and Grace


As the project pockets have been so popular, I decided to make them Bigger. The project pockets are pretty and useful to keep projects safe and I made them so that they would fit perfectly into the sew organised caddy bag. They can be used to store many things, and having a clear front makes it easy to see what is contained in them, I use them to keep rows of cutting for quilts in and UFO projects and I’m sure you will find multiple uses for them.

The techniques used in this pattern are insertion of a zip, sewing tricky fabric and binding.


Features and Benefits:

Instructions with photo’s

Tag instructions and pattern

2 x Zips

2 x lengths of ribbon

Translucent Plastic to make 2 x Project Pockets


Product contents:


Tag instructions and pattern

1 x 9” Zip- Bright Pink

1 x 9” Zip- Pale Pink

50cm Pale Pink Polka dot 16mm Ribbon

50cm Pink Roses 16mm Ribbon

Translucent Plastic, enough to make 2 x Project Pockets

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