A "Hole" lot of time to have some fun!!

Hello Everyone, firstly I hope you are all well and keeping safe, D&G HQ is still up and running as it’s only me!! I do however have the great bonus of company at the moment (cats excluded) as Dave is working mainly from home, it’s a bit weird having him around (ALL THE TIME!) but I will try not to go much madder.

I am busy planning my TV show for the 12th April at 9am (which was going to be my show on the 29th March that I cancelled due to Covid 19 and not travelling etc.) but Hochanda are going to be using video demonstrations for the time being which is great, so I can bring you my show!! I have some fabulous things to show you, so I hope you aren’t too busy to come and join me!!

Apart from that I’m in touch with my new family in Missouri and we are busy planning!! All very exciting, I’ll keep you posted.

So apart from everything else that is going on I did have a little break from work at the weekend, although when I say break I still like to sew. And I found myself coming back to sewing Graffiti, it’s “sew” much fun and you can just let yourself go.

I don’t know if it’s my age (I know I’m getting on a bit! Lol) but I just can’t stand ripped jeans, I just think ahh they can’t afford new ones!

I have a favourite pair of jeans that have got a whole in the knee and there is no way I will be wearing them in that state so I thought what’s the worst thing that could happen, I will have to throw them out, so I graffitied them.

I started on the knee by sewing some fabric underneath the hole, I neatened the edges of the fabric to prevent further fraying, then I went to town with some embroidery, and hexagons.

Then I thought I would co-ordinate the front with a bit more.


It kept me happy and quiet for a couple of hours (while watching TV) and I found myself quite calm and chilled at the end of it and during that time I didn’t think of the horrors going on in the world.

So here are some of the projects I made at the end of last year.

The notebook and the box were made completely out of one of my Graffiti packs and the cushion and purse were decorated from the same pack (and I still had leftovers).

The above were all made again from one pack by the lovely Steph (my design team of one) and when she received the graffiti pack she said that it was like having a Christmas present as there were so many goodies to play with.

Well I hope you can set aside some time to have some sewing fun and recharge your sewing batteries, if you don’t have any time to set aside because you are one of the most amazing people who are our Key workers I would just like to say THANK YOU, you are phenomenal. XXX

Take Care, Keep safe and well.

Loads of love

Nicola XX

Here are some links to some of the products shown:

Graffiti Pack

4" House template used for box

Clasp purse kit

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