That was 2021!

Hello All,

Happy New Year!!

Steph and I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas break

2022 looks like it is going to be a better year, hopefully getting back to some kind of normality, although as you will see from the photo's below we did manage to get to see a few of you last year, and hopefully we will get to see a few more of you this year.

Steph is going to kick us off with her trip to Festival of Quilts (or The Festival of Quilts - Part 2:).

In August, I visited The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham. I have already shown you some of the beautiful quilts I saw whilst I was there, and I never managed to write a Part 2 to the original blog. So below are a few more quilts I didn't want you to miss.....


1. MD31 - Kelly Orr - Kitchen Sink Quilting

2. MD8 - Sarah Cornelius - Scrap Mountains

3. CT22 - Mistianne M. Guzman - Life, the Universe and Quilting

4. MD51 - Hilary Jackson - The Circle Quilt

5. MD32 - Joanne Crossland - Kenny & Dolly

6. MD18 - Tatyana Duffie - Stag Nation: New and Improved

 Here are some Winners of the different categories.

1.  PT39 - Juana Castañeda Romera - Los dos anos de Paula

2.  TN42 - Sachiko Chiba - Flower News

3. NV4 - Nicole Rollo - Coleus Confusion Wonder

4. TP10 - Vendulka and Olivier Battais - Our Ladies

5.  PT17 - Claudia Pfeil - In Full Bloom

6. GR3 - Bristol Quilters members - Bristol Quilters Ruby Celebration.

Tales of The Knitting and Stitching Show: by Nicola & Steph

In October 2021, Daisy and Grace were at The Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace.

Although I was a little nervous there was no need to be, all 4 of us having spent nearly a week in a building with hundreds of people and none of us got Covid and boy did we meet a lot of you which was fantastic.

It was so well organised and everyone was keen to get out and revel in their passion of knitting and stitching. 


Behind the stall you can see me and my husband Dave aka Mr D & G. 

I look a bit shell shocked in the above photo, as Dave has told me in the past I have a face for radio....LOL, what a cheeky boy.
I really enjoyed meeting everyone and catching up with some of my exhibitor friends, some of them are below.
On the journey to the show each morning (Dave drove) I sat in the front and Steph and Charlotte (my niece) sat in the back, we kept them entertained by our bickering and stupid comments, they thought it would make a good 'Fly on the window screen' documentary.
It was so nice to be able to get out and about again and although we were constantly busy (hoorah) and we were all shattered at the end of it I can't wait to do it all again at the beginning of March, hopefully see more of you then.
Happy Sewing New Year All
Love Nicola XXX
Steph's Knitting & Stitching show:
In the mornings we parked at the bottom of the hill, and rode the Ally Pally Shuttle up to the exhibition hall. And every morning the smiley Nicola chatted to the Shuttle driver. One morning the driver was not sure how to take her, which made it even funnier, it was obviously still too early for him. 
On one of our walk rounds, Nicola discovered that she knew one of the exhibitors husbands. He used to sell buttons to a company she once worked for when she was in the rag-trade. Such a small world.
I even treated myself to a new sewing machine, which was a well deserved present to myself.
Now we have reminisced, lets get ready for the brand new year ahead. 2022 is going to be amazing for Nicola, and Daisy and Grace, especially in March, but I will let Nicola tell you about that when the time is right.
Enjoy your New Year, and make sure you get in some sewing time.

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