The Magic of a Square!

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all keeping safe and well?

I've had great fun playing with my Half Square Triangle Squares, and then making a very useful box complete with dividers to keep everything organised, I'm feeling a few Christmas presents coming on.... (they would be great with make-up brushes in as well).

I made 4 x  'QAYG' Half Square Triangle to make the outside of my box, but I just couldn't resist showing you just a few amazing designs you can create with them.

They can make stripes.

Flying Geese.

Bigger squares

The options are amazing I can't wait to start another quilt with them.

Now, back to my box, as well as the 4 x half Square Triangles I made 3 x plain squares, one for the base and 2 for the divider. In all of the outside and base squares I used a very heavy weight interlining as well as wadding, but in the 2 squares for the divider I just used heavy weight interlining and not wadding.

On the base I marked the half way on each edge and then laid up my outside edges and stitched together.

The 2 squares for the divider are stitched together down the centre.

Then you can press them open (see below).

Using the half way marks on the base sew by hand about a 1 cm to secure.

This is done on all 4 edges, then do the same on the top edge on one side.

Join on side seam, then sew the next divider at the top edge.

Keep sewing the sides and the top of the divider until finished.

Hey Presto! one box with divider done, they don't take very long to make and you could get some Christmas presents done in the process.

Hope you have lots of Sewing Fun.

Love Nicola X

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