Prep for TV and much more.

Hello everyone, I hope that you are all well and looking forward to the winter months which means that loads of sewing can be done!! Woo Hoo.

Well I haven't waited for the winter months as I have been busy getting ready for my next Hochanda show on 28th, which I'm pleased to say is coming along nicely and I've been sewing like mad.

I'm going to share with you a preview of what is coming next week, it's going to all be about hexagons, from EPP to quilt as you go, you know how crazy I am about hexagons, and I thought what better way to celebrate Halloween than to have hexies (I know they are the wrong kind....).


So here is just one of the projects I'm working on.


I've used my pack of hexagons and papers and created a heart that uses as many of the 100 as possible. I'm hoping to put the stitch guide and the heart template as a download ready for next week (this depends on Mr Daisy and Grace aka Dave my lovely husband!!)



Heart with the template cut in Freezer paper and ironed onto the back, I use this as my guide to cut and turn the edge. I've then sprayed round the edge with Best Press and folded the edge in and pressed.



Ready to sew.



I've appliqued the heart on.



Back of the Heart panel where I've cut out the backing fabric to make it less bulky.



I haven't worked out quite what I'm going to make with the panel yet, you will have to wait and see.


Obviously there will be a lot more to show you on the day so I hope you can come and join me.

Just to let you all know that my lovely niece has shown me how to use Instagram,  it's very much a work in progress but come and join me there and I will keep you posted with new lovely things that arrive and possibly some pics of what I'm working on.


Well until next time, Keep Sewing (can you tell that I'm watching strictly!!).


Nicola X




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