My Tumbledown Summer

Hi Everyone,

You may have seen the brand new Tumbler quilt from Daisy and Grace on the last TV show. The Craft Store showed it in all its amazing glory.

It is the Tumbledown quilt made using the 2 1/2" Tumbler template.

The quilt started life as a beautiful Moda Jellyroll.....

Then with Nicola's designing genius, and a joint effort behind our sewing machines, it became a wonderful quilt.

I spent the beginning of Summer cutting the pieces needed. This included Inners, Outers and wadding.

Nicola created this useful colour guide for me, so that every colour in the jellyroll was used in the right order.

Then I took to my sewing room floor to lay everything out.....

My sewing room is a double sized bedroom, and it took over the entire floor! And that was only the top half of the quilt.

Photos went back and forth, until Nicola was completely happy with the placement. 

Then began the process of sewing each piece into its own little quilt.

I machined each of the pieces, then began hand piecing the rows together.

I even took them to the local park with me, while my boys played in the sun.

We both had a few furry helpers along the way too. This is Sandy, my very helpful pooch.

And Nicola wasn't getting much sewing done with Ella and Jasper coming in for snuggles. 

We realised that with the TV show fast approaching it would be quicker to machine sew the rows together. So I continued to make each of the pieces whilst Nicola sewed the rows.

There were a few piles of sewing....


Eventually the quilt began to take its beautiful shape. 

Sometimes it felt like the piles were not going down....


Then one glorious afternoon I was sewing the very last piece!!!


And this is the stunning quilt in all its glory.

Thank you for taking your time to come on this journey with us, I really hope you love the quilt as much as we do!!

Happy sewing.

Bye for now.

Love Steph & Nicola X


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