Lets get ready to Crimbo!

Hi Everyone,

Steph again!

Nicola and I were having a little chat the other day about how to keep yourself occupied in November, especially now we are in Lockdown Part 2.

We decided on making an Advent Calendar using the 3" House QAYG template. Some of you may have seen these before, but Nicola has chosen some brand new fabrics from Moda with a touch of red dots from Makower (may I say they are beautiful!).

While I was making this lovely advent calendar I decided to take some photos, so that I could share them with you!

Look at these lovely fabrics. I couldn't wait to make this.

This is how I cut my houses so I didn't waste any fabric. Just be careful if you are using a directional print!

The template has an amazing little line etched onto it, so that I can cut out the square pockets too.

Cutting took me a little over half an hour. Now I am ready to make the numbers.

I copied them onto Bondaweb, ironed them onto the wrong side of the fabric, then cut them out.


A little tip to remove the backing paper is to use a pin to rip the middle of the paper.

Now using the template, I positioned the centre part. This is so that I know each of my edges will turn perfectly.

I use Magic Pins which are great because I can press with an iron and they do not melt, but you can also use Quilting Clips.

Once I had made all 25 of them, I arrange them randomly and sew them into lines.

Then Voila!


This took me a weekend to make, so there is definitely time before December to make one.

I do hope you are all OK during this uncertain time, and have felt inspired to create.

Enjoy some sewing.

Love Steph.




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