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Hello Everyone,

Some of you know that there is a Daisy & Grace Quilters page on Facebook where lovers and makers of all things Daisy & Grace meet up, share, chat, encourage and generally have a good time. Well a few weeks back a lovely lady called Kirsten posted these wonderful little bags made using my templates. We had a chat and I asked if she would do a blog post on them and here we have it! 

Thank you so much Kirsten, enjoy everyone and Happy Sewing,

Love Nicola XXX


I had a few hexagons left over from a project and I did not really know what to do with them, so I thought I would have a play around with them. I wondered if I could make a small bag or purse with them, so I just started to mess around with them. I was also making masks at the time so lots of scraps were used for that, and I thought a little bag just to grab as I was going out would be so useful.

This is what I ended up with, just a little bag to wear. I keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer, a spare mask and a Zip plastic bag to put a dirty mask in if you want a clean dry one while you are out and about. We all know that a damp mask is not too great!

The bag is made out of 9 x 1 3/4" QAYG Hexagons and I can make a bag in an evening. It is as my daughter says, ‘a Grab Bag’. There is always a bag with clean mask hanging up (not that I go out much). I am using up all my scraps and all the bits of wadding I've collected, wondering whatever I was saving them for.

Cut and sew 9 hexagons from the 1 3/4" template. Cut and sew 2 x diamonds (1 3/4").

Take 4 hexagons and make a ring.

Take the next 4 and make another ring.

Join the 2 rings one on top of the other.

Flatten and use the 2 diamonds to make a base in the bag. The 9th hexagon is used as the flap to close the bag. I just used plastic poppers.

To make the handle, cut a 2 1/2" strip of fabric long enough to attach and put across your body. Hand sew the straps in place and your bag is ready to use. You can also make the bag as a flat piece and join it later.  

Here is a flattened version in the photo below, this shows it better, I've also added numbers so you can see which sides are sewn together. I am sure that you would already know, but a beginner might find it difficult.

Once I have sewn all the hexagons and diamonds I can gather all my bits  and sit down with a cup of tea and just put it together. The templates are brilliant. I am hooked. 😀

I have made quite a few of these bags and given them away and I have found that they are used for all sorts of things. Anything from keeping the dog bags for dog waste to an elderly lady who keeps her mobile phone with her at all times in case she trips up or falls, especially when she is in the garden (she walks with a stick).

I found that the little plastic poppers were great for closing the bags with, but I suppose buttons and things like that would also be fine. I have hand sewn a pocket inside a few of the bags too. I am so pleased that I found all these templates and I am quite addicted to them now LOL.

Love Kirsten

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