'Just Get Sewing'- Cutting

Hello All,

Welcome to the 2nd installment of prep work for the ‘Just Get Sewing ‘ challenge starting on the 1st April 2023.

Here are a few hints and tips for you when cutting out your Hexagons:

  • If you are nervous about cutting with a rotary cutter, find an old pillow case or a shirt that has seen better days or anything you don’t mind cutting up, be prepared that what you will probably not be able to use any of it, its just practice. Try cutting a single outer hexagon, when cutting the outer hexagon keep the inner hexagon in the template it helps keep it steady. Then try the inner hexagon, then go on to cut more that one layer of fabric. Keep cutting until you have finished the pillow case or shirt so that you get plenty of practice as you know what they say… ‘Practice makes Perfect’.
  • Cutting Wadding (Batting for my American family), cutting multiples is a bit tricky, use a larger Rotary cutter and start with one layer of wadding then try 2, 3 or even 4 layers just do what you are comfortable with. Or if you are in the USA you can just buy it pre-cut from Missouri Star Quilt Co, you jammy lot….
  • You know when you make a traditional quilt you have excess wadding after you have quilted it, and if you are anything like me you save it because it might be useful, well now is the time that it is useful take all your scraps of wadding and start using it for your ‘QAYG’.

Here are some guides for cutting:


When you cut out your fabric for the challenge, I would like you to keep your scraps as later in April I will show you what fun you can have with them.

Happy Cutting!
Love Nicola x



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