Just Get Sewing- Choosing your Design and Fabrics

Hello All,
I am really excited about the 'Just Get Sewing' challenge with Missouri Star Quilt Co and Myself (Nicola) AKA Daisy & Grace.
I am going to go through some preparation with you, so that if you want to get ahead of the game you can, however it can be done every day as well and it should still be 15 minutes a day.

Choosing your Design and Fabrics: 

There are 7  designs for you to choose from and each has a design sheet, take a look at which one you would like to do and print off the design sheet.

Coloured in Designs

Design Sheets

Now this is where the fun begins, choosing your fabrics. Go and raid your stash or treat yourself to some new fabric.

For the Backing (which is also the binding that can be seen on the front)

For one 2 ½” Hexagon Back you will need:

6” x 7” or 18cm x 15.5cm


Cut a strip of Fabric 6” wide (42” / 110cm wide) and from this you can cut 6 x Back Hexagons

For the 30 Hexagon challenge you will need 5 x 6” strips which

equals 30” / 77cm

For one 2 ½” Hexagon Front you will need:

5” x 4 ½” or 13cm x 11.5cm


Cut a strip of Fabric 5” wide (42” / 110cm wide) and from this you can cut 9 x Front Hexagons.

 For the 30 Hexagon challenge you will need 4 x 5” strips which equals 20” / 50cm (with some spare).

When Choosing your fabrics it is great fun to audition your fabrics before you begin, I try different combinations until I am happy, the auditions are 'sew' much fun...

I like to take photo's as well to help me make a decision.

The 2 1/2" inner hexagon fits onto a charm square so if you have one of these all the hard work is done for you as they are all coordinated.

Once you have chosen your fabrics you can play with the design sheet to see where you would like your colours to go.

Have Fun!


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