Instant Pictures and a Cuppa Tea

Hello All,

When I was last on TV I started to show you how I made an Instant Photo Block from my 5” Square ‘Quilt As You Go’ template but I didn’t get to finish it, so as promised here are some instructions or how to make an instant photo block.

I started by finding a fabric with an image that would be suitable for fussy cutting. To make my life easier for positioning the design I put a little piece of masking tape 1 ¼” up from the edge. I was then able to position my image and cut round the inner square template.


I cut 1” off the bottom of the fabric, this allows for ¼” seam allowance.


I cut a strip of backing/border fabric 1 ½” wide and slightly longer than 5” and sewed it onto the bottom edge (using ¼” seam allowance). Pressed and trimmed the edges using my inner template.

Using the instructions included in the template I made up the square, I used thermal wadding in between as I will be using this as a coaster.

Along the seam that joined the white fabric with the patterned fabric I stitched in the ditch, just to give it a little dimension.

I finished it off with a written message on the white section, I think it gives it the feel of an instant picture as you often find them with writing on.

The beauty of this is that you could make a whole quilt with this or if making a ‘QAYG’ square quilt you could but one on the back as your label.

Or why not get photos printed onto fabric and turn it into a real photographic memory quilt.

So many things to do with this and so little time.

Once finished its time for a cuppa!

Take care all, stay safe and well, keep up the Happy Sewing and don’t forget to take time out for a lovely cuppa tea.


Nicola X

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