Square Heart Quilt

Hi All,

Things at Daisy and Grace HQ have been very busy recently, getting ready for Nicolas' 2 shows in February on Hochanda.

I was given the job of putting together this beautiful 3" square crib quilt (little clue there on what the shows are about!)

Look at these amazing fabrics! I spent a few hours cutting all my squares out, along with the wadding.

Now onto making the Half-Square Triangle's.

Most of the squares went together well, with a few exceptions!

This one would have been too fiddly for me, i'm a little bit of a perfectionist, and lining those up would have taken me years!

Folding over, then off to the sewing machine. Over 100 squares later.....

Laying them out to create the central heart was fun. 

Then off to sew each row together. Zig-zaging all the way.

I sewed each row together...

And Ta-Dah......

See the finished quilt on Hochanda on 28th February at 9am and 1pm.


Happy quilting.




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