Festival Favourites -Part 1

Hello Everyone,

This blog post is well overdue, apologies!! August was a busy month for me, what with turning 50 and everything……. (yes, you heard right I am ½ a century). But I must say the first 50 years of my childhood were the worst.

As an old bird that runs this business by myself, I do find it difficult to find the time to do everything so please bear with while I try and catch up with blog posts, YouTube videos, Facebook posts etc.

I choose Mandy Murrays “Dame of Australia” as the main picture for this post for 2 reasons, I found it hilarious and beautiful and my lovely Dave took me to Port Lympne glamping for my birthday to see the giraffes and amongst them there were crazy ostriches doing silly dances!!

Now back to the Festival, and I have just started on the photo’s I took, there will be some more blog posts to follow. I took photos of the information about each quilt but some of the information is blurry and unreadable so I must apologise profusely if the name are incorrect or if there is no information about them (please let me know if you have any of the information I don’t, as I will republish them with the correct info).

Now for the photos

Prince one of my teenage hero's, I am sure my friend Rika would love to be lying underneath this quilt (sorry I couldn't read the name of the amazing person who made this).

I love Audrey Hepburn so I couldn't resist this one, but sorry I couldn't read the name on my photo.

Kristine Selbmann "HB and Friends" I hope you can see the hummingbird?


Jeanette Broer "Inspiration from Heemstede"


Above is Jane Osborne's " And the world goes round", the colours were amazing on this, my photo does it absolutely no justice, I am so sorry Jane.


The above underground map is by Cecillia (I'm afraid I couldn't make out the surname) and its titled "Mind the gap". Being a Londoner I just love the iconic underground map and thought this was magnificent.

Above is Annelize Littlfair's "Summer Spectrum" amazing quilting and especially took a photo of this for my quilting friend (and angel) Steph.


Above is Anna Williams "Log Cabin in the City", some truly amazing quilting.

The quilt above I didn't have a clear enough photo to know who this belongs too, but I love it, especially as I know how hard it is doing curved pieces.

Here are two of my lovely customers Tracy Aplin with her quilt and below is Belinda Jeffries with her entry, both amazing quilts that I loved even before I knew who they belonged too.

 I hope you have enjoyed and been inspired by these amazing quilts.

Until next time “Happy Inspirational Sewing”

Nicola X

P.S. I couldn't resist putting this one in again, I'm still a fan girl.

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