Design time with some mindful colouring!

I hope that you are all safe and well and keeping yourselves entertained during this crisis, so today I am sharing with you how I start to create a quilt and allow you to have a go to by providing you with free printable downloads (there will be more later).

There is so much fun to be had by sorting out your fabrics ready for your next project and you can add to this by doing a little bit of mindful colouring as well. These Design Sheets allow you to pick out some colours similar to the colours you want to use in your quilt and by trying them out in different combinations you get some wonderful effects.

Take this first download, which uses 2 ½” (or 3 ½”) Crowns and triangles, you can make a diamond, triangle, half hexagon or hexagon pattern, all within the quilt. So with a bit of careful arrangement of colours you can get loads of different quilts from the same set of templates. I find it so exciting and for years now I keep saying I have only just touched the surface of the possibilities, and it’s true I have, you can be so creative.

The Design Sheet shows the back of the quilt as there are no bindings, but don’t forget that you have the contrast binding on the front with different fabrics in the centre of the shape which gives you even more design possibilities. There is also turning some of the templates wrong side up which gives you even more to play with. Can you see why I still get so excited about it?

So hopefully you will get your colouring pencils, pens or paints out and have some fun and then you might be tempted to make it into a quilt!

I hope you have as much fun as I do, get colouring, and then get sewing, OH WHAT FUN!!

Take care, keep safe, healthy, and happy.

Download the Free Crown & Triangle Pattern


Nicola X

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