Wonderful Creations By You!! Part 1

daisy and grace

Well hello everyone,

I wanted to share with you some of the absolutely amazing work that has been sent in to me, it’s been truly inspiring to me. Hopefully you will be inspired to get your Daisy & Grace products out and have a play.

First up we have this lovely 'I Spy' quilt by Andrea, such a good way to use up those novelty prints. A fun quilt for little ones to play, learn and snuggle with and a nice way to use the 2 1/2" Hexagon to form a larger hexagon. 

 Another 2 1/2" hexagon quilt, this time by Anne. We have the back and the front, this is why I love 'QAYG' as you get double sided quilts. Each side is so different, so lovely with the purples and lilacs. 

 Look at this little cutie pie by Audrey, how perfect is he!

 This next one by Bernice is a work in progress (although it is nearly there) doesn't it just look gorgeous! I wonder if Bernice used charm squares for the centers? If you have any charm squares or layer cakes in your stash and you don't know what to do with them, then this may well be your answer. Don't forget that mini charms fit onto the 1 1/4" 'QAYG' hexagon.

 Carol has made this wonderful selection of coasters/mug rugs for her family, how fab!

 Now for something a little different and to get yourselves organised, here are a couple of Carolyn's Caddy's with a little sneak peek inside. I love the hexagons on the top of the Medium Caddy.

 Now, the next table runner is so creative, it takes me back to the Eighties in a really positive modern way, having met Colin the creator I think he is too young to know the Eighties, but wouldn't this be a great centre to any table top! I also love the use of neon satin stitch to join the hexagons, it really pops on the black.

Another creation by Colin, look at this lovely bag with the extended straps.

Now for a trip to the orient with Debbie's beautiful hexagon bag. I especially love the oriental hexagon fabric in there.

 Have you ever thought of making a memory quilt hanging, well if not this will inspire you from Debra in Canada. She created this to remind her of a quilting trip, Debra came across my templates through Missouri Star Quilt Co and gave them a go. I love that she has made embroideries to go inside the hexagons. 

 Last but not least, my pal Elizabeth showing us 'one' of her sewing books and a rainbow made from my free pattern. Loving the colours and she even dabbled in some 'Sewing Graffiti' fabulous.

Thank you Anne, Andrea, Audrey, Bernice, Carolyn, Colin, Debbie, Debra, and Elizabeth for sharing, I love all your work and by the results it looks like you all had great fun creating them. It has inspired me to keep going and hopefully it will inspire you as well.

Have fun with lots of 'Happy Sewing'.

Much Love

Nicola X

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