Countdown to Christmas - Ric-Rac Tutorial

Welcome to this weeks Countdown to Christmas tutorial.

This is a quick tutorial to help you when you sew your Ric-Rac around the windows and doors of the House of Lights.

Follow the instructions in the House of Lights pattern. I used some embroidery stitches to sew the designs onto the inner house.

Having pressed the interfacing in place, I used a sharp pair of scissors to cut a notch in the center of the window and then cut into the corners and cut away the window.

Make the QAYG House, using the netting provided in the kit, and following the instructions with the House template.

Now it is time to sew the Ric-Rac around each window. By sewing on the Ric-Rac you are stabilizing the netting too. I used a Daisy and Grace Quilting Clip to keep it in place.  Quilting Clips – Daisy and Grace  Then headed over to my sewing machine.

When sewing the Ric-Rac, take it slowly. Your aim is to sew through the centre of the Ric-Rac, just along the edge of the window. I also made my stitch length smaller, 1.5 instead of 2. A colour coordinating thread does wonders!

When turning a corner, stop your sewing machine right at the corner, needle down and turn the work and the Ric-Rac. Continue to sew.

And there you have it. One side ready and only 3 more to do.

I can't wait to see your Houses of Lights on our Social Media pages,

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I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

Happy sewing,

Steph x


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