'Come Along to a Crumb Along'


I’m getting really excited about my first YouTube live…..

When is it happening?

Sunday 6th June at 4pm (GMT)

What’s it going to be?


What will I need?

A sewing machine already to go, design number 11 from my Crumb Patchwork pattern pre-drawn onto interlining, stitch and tear or cheap copy paper, crumbs of fabric (go raid your stash), and access to YouTube.


Then you will be ready to come along to the crumb along, where you will be able to join me in some sewing fun, you can sew with me and ask questions as we go along or just pop in and say ‘Hello’.  Don’t panic as it will be available to watch after so you can watch and sew at your leisure. It will be like having a workshop at home with me, you won’t have to leave your house!

This is only one of twelve designs in the pattern and you can make so many things from your crumbs, below is a quilt I'm making using the crumbs as the centers of my hexagons.

Please note that it will be live, so it might go a bit wrong, or I may waffle on a bit (you know what I’m like) but it should be great fun and I’m already nervously excited.

See you on Sunday for some Fun Happy Sewing.

 Love Nicola X

Crumb Pattern – Daisy and Grace

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