Brand new Product launch!!

Hello, I hope that you are all well? I have been busy as ever and I’m very excited and very nervous as I am going to be launching a brand-new product this Saturday 11th May 2019 on Hochanda.

I have had this in my head for over 3 years and after 6 prototypes and then using it to make sure that it works and does what I wanted it to do it is finally ready….

Welcome to my Caddy system.


As you can see it is a zipped container that can carry and hold all sorts of goodies in. You also have the option of various trays that can be interchanged to suit your needs.


As I am mad about hexagons and have always got a hexagon project on the go I have got trays that are suitable for ½”, ¾”, and 1" hexagons, but are also really good for other things such as threads, little knick-knacks etc.

Then there are the larger trays that can store anything from art equipment to make-up, sewing equipment and loads of other stuff!!

There are four limited edition kits:

Above is the "Sewing Stitch and Flip"

Above is the Red, White and Blue Floral.

Here is the Lavender.

Finally but not least we have the Teal Trees, all the kits are for the Caddy only (the trays are sold separately) all the caddy's come with an internal contrast zipped pocket. 

But this is just the start of my Caddy journey, there will be more additions and projects to come, that are being worked on now by yours truly (and also tried out!!). So, I hope that some of you might be able to join me on Hochanda, Saturday 11th at 4pm for the premier launch of my limited edition Caddy Kits (exclusive to Hochanda).



Nicola X

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