Box Clever


I don’t like to throw anything away, I love making crumb quilts and keep all my selvedge’s regardless of the size? So, what do I do with them?

When I finished cutting all the squares for my new bucket bag kit I was left with a pile of selvedge’s and they looked so pretty, I felt a project coming on.


I cut a strip of interlining (anything will do) and started to lay out my selvedge’s on top to see what it would look like, and then I started sewing, always laying the fluffy selvedge edge on top of a raw edge. Stitching doesn’t have to be super neat and decorative stitches look great.

Once I had finished my fabric, I cut 4 x 5” ‘QAYG’ Square template inners and cut 5 x outers and 1 x inner in navy.

I had this all prepared to demonstrate on TV but time ran away with us and I didn’t get round to it, so I handed the project to Steph who kindly finished it for me

Doesn’t it look fabulous, and its all ready to become useful.

I hope you all keep safe, well and Happy Sewing.

Love Nicola X

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