Behind the Scenes of the 1st YouTube Live!

Hello Everyone,

Thank you to all of you who joined us for the very first Daisy and Grace YouTube Live sew-along (or should I say Crumb-along).

As promised we took some photos of Nicola and Dave's kitchen, to show you the setup for the video. A little behind the scenes look at what we were doing behind the camera.

Here is the lovely team, Nicola, Dave and me (Steph).

This was my view.

Here is my working area. My job was to keep an eye on the comments and questions you all had, and relay them to Nicola during the video. 

This was Nicola's view. I love the way I'm framed by the light!

Me and the Boss! Wasn't she great! We are so glad you all enjoyed the demo and were able to follow along as she sewed. We have had some great photos of your samples on Daisy and Grace Quilters, Facebook Group.

(4) Daisy and Grace Quilters | Facebook

The lovely Dave. He was the IT Guru, camera and sound man. There were wires everywhere, so once we were all in place we didn't move.

This is the beautiful Ella. She joined us right at the beginning of the video, and wanted to have a little chat with Nicola during the Live. Bless her.

Ummmm, that camera looks fun!!

Little cuddles after the video.

The sample created during the Live and one Nicola had prepared earlier.

The pattern and Crumb kit are available on the website:

Crumb Pattern – Daisy and Grace

Crumb Pattern, Bag of Crumbs and Half Meter of interlining – Daisy and Grace

And finally a little snap of the beautiful Hexagon Crumb quilt Nicola showed during the video. Look how different the front and back are.

Again, thank you to everyone that took part in the Crumb-along. 

If you missed it, you can watch it here anytime you like.

Daisy and Grace Crumb Along Live - YouTube

We all enjoyed it so much there will definitely be more in the future.

Take care and happy sewing,




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