"All you need is Love"

Hello Everyone,

I am hoping that you and yours are all keeping well and healthy.

Being confined indoors for us quilters isn’t such a hardship, as this is what we voluntarily do on a regular basis to get busy with our patchwork.

 I thought I would share with you some photos of one of my latest projects that I am totally in love with and hopefully you will be too.

When I started this quilt, I challenged myself to raid my stash and use those fabrics that you just can’t resist even though you have no idea of what project they are going to end up in!! I’m sure I’m not alone in this?

It is a great challenge and I’m afraid to say that they didn’t all make the cut, but that is alright I will just have to make another one. As I machined stitched this together it only took me a couple of weeks (and that was with running my business, doing orders and normal life, etc etc.) which is relatively quick.

This only requires 1 “QAYG” template as well the new 2 ½” Jewel, by sewing 2 jewels together they form a heart. While sewing my Jewels I realised that this would make a brilliant cot quilt because as it’s “Quilt as you go” you can grow the quilt with the child, as the child grows you can add on hearts and single jewels around the edges. I have no little ones that I could make this for anymore but what a fabulous thing to be able to do? I hope someone out there has a go at this.

These are some of the photos I took while getting it ready to stitch.

My “Jewel Heart” quilt debut at The Stitch Festival earlier this month.

Now just for fun a snapshot of my fur babies approving of my “Star in a Star Hexagon quilt” it did make it quite a challenge to hand sew as both wanted to help me while it was on my lap!!! Oh if these were the only challenges we had to face in these worrying times.

Before I go please keep safe, keep healthy, and let’s win this battle with kindness, love, happiness and a bit of sewing.

Love to you all

Nicola X

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