Graffiti Packs

Daisy and Grace


Yes you heard right, I am encouraging you to do some graffiti!!

BUT, not out doors ,in the comfort of your own home on fabric and sewn projects, let yourselves go (it's harder than you would think when we are used to making things perfect), release the inner child, have FUN!!, enjoy, don't worry or stress and see what results from it.

My graffiti packs are full of amazing bits to use and have fun with, the pack contains loads of goodies to enable you to create some sewing Graffiti, including: Scissor keeper pattern, 1 x Fat 1/4 of either cream, white or grey 100% cotton, a patch of both writing and Moda label fabric, 6 x charms, ribbon scraps, a black embroidery floss, 10 x 1 1/2"  random patches, a few 1 1/2" neutral strips and loads of colour co-ordinating fabric scraps. Also 10 x 1/2", 10 x 3/4" and 5 x 1" freezer paper hexagons to have a play with. Its like Christmas in a bag.

Each pack is individual and put together by me (Nicola) to inspire you to have a go at some sewing Graffiti!

Please note the first 3 pictures are of the graffiti packs the rest are just inspiration!!