3/4" Hexagon Cushion Kit-Grey

3/4" Hexagon Cushion Kit-Grey

Daisy and Grace

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Question : Do you love hexagons?

Answer : You need a hexagon cushion in your life.

Sometimes it is just a pleasure to make something delicious and beautiful that you look at and it makes you feel happy, and that is why I love this cushion. 

Health warning:

THIS CONTAINS HEXAGONS!!!!                                                                               HEXAGONS ARE HIGHLY ADDICTIVE, SIDE EFFECT CAN BE LACK OF HOUSEWORK. (or is this only me!!)

The kit includes all your hexagon templates, fabrics for the hexagons, backing fabric (100% cotton), and zip.

All you will need is a little time and patience (oh!! and thread and possibly a sewing machine).



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